PINION & CROWN is an emerging Trilogy Dance Art ensemble, founded and directed by Sara Marin (IT/CH) and Griet Vanden Houden (BE/AT).

We search for situations, fractures and connections in society and life that we can express through dance. Supported by elements of theatre, music and multimedia, such as visual projections, we seek to explore and integrate ideas of intensity, technique, sensuality, speed, spontaneity, change of direction, irony and trust into our work.

How does a Pinion and Crown gear work?
A pinion and crown gear works by meeting at an angle that allows two shafts to rotate at different speeds. The pinion and crown gear system can also allow a mechanism to change the direction of a transmitted motion, torque, and change speeds.

The pinion and crown parts are both unique in shape, enabling them to fit harmoniously together to create the joint. It is only when the pinion and crown meet that the balance and production of energy is possible. A gear is one of the oldest power resources to generate movement.

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PINION & CROWN – Trilogy Dance Art

Is a set of 3 works of art that are connected and can be seen either as a single piece or as three individual pieces. Three pieces together will give you a completely new feeling.

Trilogy is a structure commonly found in literature or cinematography.  By applying this tri-logical structure to dance we reveal that dance is not a separate entity, but it is indeed influenced by other art forms.

In this respect, we have begun to expand our horizon to go beyond just dance. We have strengthened our collaboration with artists and professionals in other fields, who have been contributing to our expansion as an ensemble, either with their art or with their platforms or resources.  This has begun to make our work much richer as a result, as we are able to cross several fields and disciplines whilst keeping dance at the core of our art.

PINION & CROWN ensemble is aiming to take dance to a new level.  We aim to reach different audiences through a variety of platforms in several different ways: Live Performance, Short film and Photographic installation

After all, how can we call it “contemporary” if we don’t explore how dance can intersect with new media and technology that explores innovation and pushes the boundaries of old established techniques; taking risks. Without that, could we still call our work contemporary?

PINION & CROWN ensemble is inviting you to join us on our journey to discover: Trilogy Dance Art!

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PINION & CROWN – Curriculum Vitae
Sara Marin (Italy) and Griet Vanden Houden (Belgium) both come from Academic backgrounds as well as having studied at the National Academy of Dance Rome (IT) and de!Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen (BE).
They first met at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academyof Dance) (AT) 2008-2011. They have been working for choreographers such as: Roberto Olivan,Todd Williams, Quan Bui Ngoc, Jelka Milic, Ori Flomin an many more..
After graduating, they completed a one year Pilates Training in mat and equipment, at the Academy of Modern Pilates International (AT).
During and after school Sara and Griet spent a lot of time together, working, sharing ideas, moments of growth, tastes and traditions; influencing and enriching each other.
Being friends and professionally working together in different fields (such as: dance, Pilates, yoga aerial, teaching, performing, choreographing , art directing, casting in live events, photo and video productions) they have built a special connection that is reflected in their own work.

2019/2021 – DECADANSE – Live-performance, Video-dance and Photography
2017/2018 – OXYMORON – Live performance – Video art – Photography
2016 – FILTER – Photographic installation – collab. Atelier AUTHENTIC
2015/2016 – SAME same BUT DIFFERENT – Live performance – Video art – Photography

Festival/ Exhibition/ Gallery:
SAPA Tanz Film Festival
Winterthur (CH)

International dance festival
Almada (PT)

drum5162, Kulturinitiative zur Auseinandersetzung und Verortung von Gegenwartskultur in Obertrum am See
Obertrum am See (AT)

Das Tanzfest
Grabenhalle, Sankt Gallen (CH)

Lange Nacht der Bühnen
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz (AT)

OXYMORON premiere
Tabakfabrik Linz (AT)

international shortfilm festival Lenzig (AT)

Breaking 8_International Dance Film Festival
Cagliari (IT)

Ressegna assoli e duetti e danza in corto
Bartolomei ASD, Teatro villa Pamphilj
Rome (IT)

Tanz_house Festival.16 Under the Skin
Salzburg (AT)

Vienna (AT)

international shortfilm festival Lenzig (AT)

ARTEFATTO_10 RESET friends in art
Trieste(IT) Palazzo Gopcevichi
Labin(HR) Gradska Galerija
Pula (HR) Galerija Cvajne
Hallein (AT) Schmiede – Playground of ideas

SELF & IT´S LIQUID international art show
Palazzo ca´zanardi (IT)
Venice art house (IT)

LIQUID ROOMS –the body language
SELF & IT´S LIQUID international art show
Palazzo ca´zanardi (IT)

Villa Paulick Seewalchen am Attersee (AT)

PINION & CROWN – Artistic Statement
For us, the PINION & CROWN ensemble, dance is an essential way to communicate. We feel that through the movement of the body we can express ourselves in ways that would not be possible through words. We can connect with the audience on a different level, transferring ideas, thoughts, opinions or feelings. For us, creativity and dance is more than a desire, it is a concrete need.

The experience of the past,
And the expectations of the future,
Will make the experiment of the present.

Drawing upon these elements, past, present and future, is often our starting point to create material. We are inspired by images and incorporate these into our work in order to evoke and provoke feelings in our audience. During our training we were taught to embody particular aesthetics. Looking back, we moved differently and while this phase was an important base, we realise that there are many other possibilities and we are capable of moving and dancing in many other ways. Also important for us, and at the very core of our work, is being present; present inside a clear structure where we are able to search for situations, and find fractures and connections within society and life that we can react upon and express through dance. Looking to the future we seek out supporting elements such as multi-media, music, visual projections and theatre, and enthusiastically embrace and incorporate these elements into our work to create a richer dance performance.

We like the idea of interaction. A critical part of interaction for us is a communication with the space. Hence, our location plays a fundamental role in the creative process and the performance. We adapt our material to the environment and through this process the abstract dance can transition to become real and relevant. We work with what the environment offers and our characters have to play, communicate and interact with the scene.

Our purpose is not to solve any problems or provide the audience with answers but we do aim to distract, confuse, or make them more open about things. Through our movement we hope to transport the audience and take them on a journey away from their ordinary life. We like to shake them up, make them curious and encourage the audience to ask questions.

The distance between our dreams and reality is called action, and action is key to success. When you are afraid to do something, even if it lives in your mind for a long time, if you don’t actually do it, it will never exist! We believe it is our responsibility to take a risk and create new work. So, inspired by a pinion and crown mechanism, both parts unique in shape, enabling them to fit harmoniously together and coexist by pushing, pulling and supporting each other, we have founded our dance ensemble PINION & CROWN.

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Workshop Décadanse
Deutsche version sehe unten

Décadanse, a dance project in the context of the Tanz fest festival 2021 at the Offene Kirche in St.Gallen.

We are looking for a colourful group of women from St.Gallen (CH) and the region: elderly and young, curvy or slim, professionals or amateurs, to take the stage and join the members of the PINION & CROWN ensemble in a joyful dance evening that celebrates the charm of the diversity.
Through the workshop days, the participants can gain experience, share, learn and, at the end, present their final work on stage (Offene Kirche).
In order to take part in the final performance 9. May 2021 it is necessary to be available on the dates indicated and to attend as many workshops and rehearsals as possible.

Décadanse focuses on the figure of the woman in the context of ritual. We work with the four elements of Mother Nature (earth, fire, air, water) and bring them together with ten (i.e. “Déca”) set pieces of traditional dances from several countries of the world.
The theme of Décadanse is: “This dance is for the world and the world is for everyone”.

Key data

Workshop @Bewegungswelt, Dance and Movement Studio Gallusstrasse 32a, St. Gallen (CH). https://bewegungswelt.ch

Saturday, 13.03.2021, 14:00 – 16:00 pm, Content: body work: 30 min. and beyond work 90 min.
Saturday, 20.03.2021, 14:00 – 16:00 pm, Content: body work: 30 min. and beyond work 90 min.

Workhop @Offene Kirche, Böcklinstrasse 2, St. Gallen (CH)

Sunday, 25.4.2021, 9:30 -12:30 pm, Content: beyond work:30 min. and dance rehearsals: 90 min.

Only for performance participants (additional dates @ Offene Kirche)
Friday, 07.05.2021, afternoon-evening (times to be defined)technical rehearsal
Saturday, 08.05.2021, 17:00 – 19:00 pm General rehearsal
Sunday, 09.05.2021, 15:00 – 15:45 pm rehearsal on stage; 16:00 – 16:45 pm main rehearsal on stage; 17:00-17:45 pm preparation; 18:00 – 18:45 pm actual show!

Workshop description
Body work
taught by PINION & CROWN ensemble is a dance movement training and we tailor it for each of you!
The training is a combination from Dance and Pilates and designed to improve stability, flexibility and balance muscle strength, which in turn will help you to prevent injury, rehabilitate current injuries and increase your body awareness.
We look forward to having you in our workshop!

The PINION & CROWN Beyond workshop  would be a unique laboratory for dance combined with theater, music, multi-media and other arts for research and development.  Within our workshops, depending on the needs of participants, we will be collaborating with dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians and more.  We aim to provide a platform for research and education.  We aim to create an exchange of experienced artists and “newcomers” so that there is both mentoring and a creation of a larger network that goes beyond just dance alone, but integrates with other art forms and disciplines, creating interdisciplinary work. In most cases, implicit knowledge and experience are understood, learned and transmitted only through a pictorial description, by observing, imitating and practicing processes. We want to create better conditions and perspectives within the contemporary dance and performance world that goes beyond current limitations.

Décadanse- Tanzproject im Rahmen des Tanzfestes 2021 in der offenen Kirche in St. Gallen

Wir sind auf die Suche nach einer bunten Gruppe von Frauen aus St. Gallen (CH) und der Region, alt und jung, beleibt oder schlank, Profis und Laien, um die Bühne zu erobern und mit den Choreographen des PINION & CROWN Ensembles ein Fest des Tanzes zu feiern, in dem die Freude am Imperfekten zelebriert wird.
Durch die Workshoptage können die Tänzerinnen Erfahrungen sammeln, teilen, ternen und zum Abschluss ihre Arbeit auf der Bühne (Offene Kirche) präsentieren. Die Teilnahme an sämtlichen Workshoptagen berechtigt zur Mitwirkung bei der Show am 9. Mai 2021
Décadanse  wurde als Highlight des Tanzfestes in St.Gallen ausgewählt.

Décadanse dreht sich um die Figur der Frau im Kontext des Rituals. Wir beschäftigen uns mit den vier Elementen der Mutter Natur (Erde, Feuer, Luft, Wasser) und bringen diese mit zehn (d.h. „Déca“) Versatzstücken von traditionellen Tänzen aus verschiedenen Ländern der Welt zusammen.
Das Thema von Décadanse lautet: „Dieser Tanz ist für die Welt und die Welt ist für alle“.


Workshop @Bewegungswelt
Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio, Gallusstrasse 32a, St. Gallen (CH)

Samstag, 13.03.2021, 14:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr, Inhalt: body work: 30 min. und beyond work: 90 min.
Samstag, 20.03.2021, 14:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr, Inhalt: body work: 30 min. und beyond work: 90 min.
Workhop @Offene Kirche
Böcklinstrasse 2, St. Gallen (CH)

Sonntag, 25.4.2021, 9:30 Uhr -12.30 Uhr, Inhalt: Beyond work:30 min. und Tanzproben: 90 min.

Nur für die Performance Teilnehmerinnen (zusätzliche Termine)
Freitag, 07.05.2021, Nachmittag- Abend (zu definierende Zeiten)technische Probe
Samstag, 08.05.2021, 17:00 Uhr – 19:00 Uhr Generalprobe
Sonntag, 09.05.2021, 15:00 Uhr – 15:45 Uhr Probe auf der Bühne; 16:00 Uhr – 16:45 Uhr Hauptprobe auf der Bühne; 17:00-17:45 Vorbereitung ; 18:00 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr eigentliche Show!

Workshop bescheibung
Body  work
geleitet vom PINION & CROWN Ensemble ist ein Tanz-Bewegungs Training. Die Kombination von Tanz und Pilates ist für jeden geeignet.
Das Training dient zur Verbesserung der Stabilität, Flexibilität, Muskulatur und des Gleichgewichts. Erhöhen Sie Ihre Körperwahrnehmung und beugen Sie somit Verletzungen vor.
Wir freuen uns Sie in unserem Kurs zu begrüßen!

Die PINION & CROWN Beyond workshop wäre eine einzigartige Arbeitsstätte für Tanz, kombiniert mit Theater, Musik, Multimedia und anderen Künsten für Forschung und Entwicklung.
In unseren Work-shop werden wir, je nach den Bedürfnissen der Teilnehmer und Schüler mit Choreographen, Schauspielern, Musikern und weiteren Leuten zusammenarbeiten.
Unser Ziel ist es, eine Plattform für Forschung und Lehre bereitzustellen. Wir möchten den Austausch von erfahrenen Künstlern und Newcomern erreichen, so dass beides abgedeckt ist: Sowohl Beratung als auch die Schaffung eines größeren Netzwerkes, das nicht nur den Tanz allein beinhaltet, sondern auch andere Kunstformen und Disziplinen integriert und fachübergreifende Arbeit schafft. In den meisten Fällen werden implizites Wissen und Erfahrung verstanden, gelernt und nur durch eine bildliche Beschreibung, durch Beobachtung, Nachahmung und Üben Prozesse übertragen. Wir möchten innerhalb der zeitgenössischen Tanz- und Performance-Welt bessere Bedingungen und Perspektiven schaffen.

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PINION & CROWN – Contact
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hi.
You can also contact us through any of the social networks below.

Email: contact@pinioncrown.com
Griet: +43 69917167555 (English, Deutsch, Nederlands)
Sara: +41 767863041 (English, Deutsch, Italiano)