Trilogy: Live Performance, Short film and Photographic installation

This piece will focus on the female figure inside the concept of ritual. We will explore the elements of mother nature (e.g., earth, fire, air, water) integrating 10 (i.e., “Deca”) components extrapolated from traditional dances from different countries around the world. This production will be a compilation of dance forms where the purpose is ceremonial or ritualistic and will explore the possible relations between folkloristic and contemporary dance. The performers will be integrating these locally rooted dances with elements from worldwide pop dance culture.
With this work we aim to touch the primitive instincts of the audience and to bring them in our trip with the support of a hypnotic music-beats and of a raving-bodily rhythm!

The theme of Décadanse sounds like: “this dance is for the world and the world is for everyone”.

Concept, choreography and performance: PINION & CROWN ensemble
Choreography and dance: Sara Marin & Griet Vanden Houden
Guest dancers: Carina Neumer und Stefanie Fischer

Live-Musik: Benjamin Müller ‘ParadigMan’
Technical: Thomas Kalter
Filming and editing: Arne von Nostitz-Rieneck

Short film music: Talco „And the Winner Isn´t“
Photography: Christa Gaigg, Authentic.co.at

Premiere – Livesteam link under: