FILTER (Photographic installation)

This work uses the camera to investigate the necessity of the human being and how one represents them self and the strong need to be approved of by the community. The images show two female figures and their relationship between each other. They present themselves in a chain of selfie portraits where they appear in a “perfect way” that is connected to the expectations of the community.
You are invited to reflect on our personal sphere and ask yourself why it is so important to present ourself? Why are we always preoccupied and busy with ourselves? What happens inside us when we want or have to present ourselves? Why are we so careful with always showing the idea of a perfect life?
“Filter” is like an open box and on each side you have a close up picture that everybody can see. These represent the superficial appearance. The viewer can decide to walk inside this box and have a look at the pictures from a birds eye view perspective, which shows the same situation in critical way, where the reality is captured without a filter. “Filter” is like a pair of binoculars for our society.

By putting ourselves under the lens, we are forced to interrogate our relationships, find contradictions and ask questions, just like the web links do on an internet research programme.

Concept: PINION & CROWN ensemble collab.
Photographer: Christa Gaigg
Models: Sara Marin & Griet Vanden Houden
Curator: Jessica White