Our aim is to provide a platform for research and education by offering a laboratory that goes beyond dance and can be adopted for projects in schools, companies, communities, and human organizations.
We both offer lessons in our centers for different age groups and levels of expertise allowing us to keep the essential circle of learning, inspiring, motivating and transmitting.
Workshop description:

BODY WORK-shop taught by Pinion & Crown is a dance movement training tailored for each of you! The training is a combination from Dance and Pilates and designed to improve stability, flexibility and balance muscle strength, which in turn will help you to prevent injury, rehabilitate current injuries and increase your body awareness.

The Pinion & Crown  BEYOND WORK-shop would be a unique laboratory for dance combined with theater, music, multi-media and other arts for research and development. Within our workshops, depending on the needs of participants, we will be collaborating with dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians and more. We aim to create an exchange of experienced artists and “newcomers” so that there is both mentoring and a creation of a larger network that goes beyond just dance alone, but integrates with other art forms and disciplines. In most cases, implicit knowledge and experience are understood, learned and transmitted only through a pictorial description, by observing, imitating and practicing processes. We want to create better conditions and perspectives within the contemporary dance and performance world that goes beyond current limitations.

We look forward to bringing one of our workshop proposals to your school or venue or to having you attending one of our planned programmes!