PINION & CROWN – Body Work-shop
The Body Work-shop is a dance movement training and we tailor it for each of you!
The training is designed to improve stability, flexibility and balance muscle strength, which in turn will help you to prevent injury, rehabilitate current injuries and increase your body awareness.

As the founders of PINION & CROWN we have experienced a lifelong involvement with Pilates, Aerial yoga and dance, both as performers and teachers, which has led to our interest in the complex movements of the body.
 Using our broad knowledge and expertise we have combined various methods and techniques together and subsequently developed an innovative program for dancers, athletes, and people coming from other physical disciplines to achieve their best and safest biomechanics.
Each training technique has its own predominant movement as well as a lack of some movements and underuse of some body parts. Physical repetition, overuse and fatigue can often lead to injuries.
In order to benefit the most from Body Work-shop we focus our program on strengthening and utilizing the muscles that are often not trained enough during regular technical classes.

The Body Work-shop method helps you to become aware of your weak points and we will teach you some simple ways to address pain. You will learn how to get rid of pain by focusing on specific movements/exercises/stretching and muscle groups. We will help you to find a way to bring your body back into balance. Isn´t that great?!
The expected result is that the entire muscle structure is stabilized so that you can enjoy training/working/dancing/moving and approach life with complete freedom!

By training with our method you can become the evaluator of your own body. You will learn to find your own answers to some typical questions such as: “What can I do when…? What should I do if…?”
We all have the same body structure but each body is unique in its form. Learn how to listen to your body and become an independent mover.

We look forward to having you in our workshop!

PINION & CROWN – Beyond Work-shop
The PINION & CROWN Beyond workshop would be a unique laboratory for dance combined with theater, music, multi-media and other arts for research and development.  Within our workshops, depending on the needs of participants/students, we will be collaborating with dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians and more.  We aim to provide a platform for research and education.  We aim to create an exchange of experienced artists and “newcomers” so that there is both mentoring and a creation of a larger network that goes beyond just dance alone, but integrates with other art forms and disciplines, creating interdisciplinary work. In most cases, implicit knowledge and experience are understood, learned and transmitted only through a pictorial description, by observing, imitating and practicing processes. We want to create better conditions and perspectives within the contemporary dance and performance world that goes beyond current limitations.

PINION & CROWN are constantly exploring themes in their workshops that have been central not only to their artistic pieces, but are also a reflection of contemporary society.  In this workshop theme below PINION & CROWN ask questions related to boundaries.  This is a relevant topic in their most recent work as well as a theme that is present within contemporary society, not only for women specifically, but also for men, as our idea of personal and professional spaces are merging and being redefined through technology and interconnectivity.

Specific Workshop Theme
How far can we push our limits? What are our internal and external boundaries? When do we allow someone to enter our space?  What happens and what changes when we can enter someone else’s space. When can we put down our defenses? How much do we care? How much can we hold within us or what do we want to share? How much can we ask of others?

By exploring the theme of space, confines and contrast in relation to ourselves we can see how that affects not only other people but also the shifting physical environments. By extrapolating these various elements, we can reveal the absurd.  By revealing the absurd, there can be transformation of the status quo.  This is how powerful dance can be, as we can reveal what was once familiar into something that is now unfamiliar, strange, absurd and therefore, open to change.  Whole structures and societies can change when this is revealed.  We would like to explore this in the workshops, as then participants can see how powerful they are to change the status quo in society through dance!

The subjects that we are exploring with “Oxymoron” can be taken as a working material within the  workshops we deliver. These can be used to make interesting creations with students such as working alone, in couples and in a group. It will be composing physical material involving theatrical aspects whilst exploring real emotions. The use of a camera can be integrated within the workshop in order to have more artistic elements incorporated, so that participants can explore different ways of looking and exploring DanceArt from different perspectives.