SAME same BUT DIFFERENT (Live Performance, Short film and Photographic installation)

two women
one environment
two different backgrounds
one same journey

SAME same BUT DIFFERENT, follows a common day in the lives of two women who come from very different backgrounds.
They each have their own Utopia, yet are forced to share the same space, which is divided only by an imaginary line.
The work is a summary of 24 hours in which nothing important occurs and everything is forgotten. The dance piece blends fragments of ordinary gestures, which we are obliged to confront daily, with abstract movement. Throughout the work the feelings of discordance, confusion and stress emerge. Will the performers meet? Or will they remain alone in their individual Utopias?

Is every day a repetition of the last, or will they each experience a new journey?

SAME same BUT DIFFERENT _ ensemble
Concept, choreography and performance: PINION & CROWN ensemble
Dancers: Sara Marin & Griet Vanden Houden
Filming and editing: SensoReye Production
Photographer: Fivos Salahas
Music composition: Lukas Rabe & Bernhard Schabmeier
Curator: Jessica White, Luca Canal
Text revision: Hannah Timbrell
Graphic design:

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