Showreel (Videodance)

This showreel presents our artistic vision in a summary of our work since 2015.

We always felt a strong need to develop independent work, and to pursue this we have strengthened our sense of ensemble by building an interdisciplinary community of artists In our opinion the most exciting productions are made by the collaborations of creative minds that are able to share their capacity and combine their differences in original work.
The original music tailored to our Pieces tells our stories and serves as a thread inside the Trilogy sets. Our work focuses on the research of powerful aesthetics’ images, communication between people and interaction of space and time. We like to experiment with a multidisciplinary approach combined with movement. For us, art should be seen and treated as any other profession. Throughout many years we have been developing our artistic job together with our commitment to education.

We believe in the power of art because people need art and art needs people!


Concept: PINION & CROWN ensemble
Choreography and performance:Sara Marin & Griet Vanden Houden
Video editing: Stefano Decarli
Music composition: Umberto Pisano, produced @ Roofless Studios
Graphic design/Photos: Atelier Authentic Christa Gaigg