PINION & CROWN – Trilogy Dance Art

Is a set of 3 works of art that are connected and can be seen either as a single piece or as three individual pieces. Three pieces together will give you a completely new feeling.

Trilogy is a structure commonly found in literature or cinematography.  By applying this tri-logical structure to dance we reveal that dance is not a separate entity, but it is indeed influenced by other art forms.

In this respect, we have begun to expand our horizon to go beyond just dance. We have strengthened our collaboration with artists and professionals in other fields, who have been contributing to our expansion as an ensemble, either with their art or with their platforms or resources.  This has begun to make our work much richer as a result, as we are able to cross several fields and disciplines whilst keeping dance at the core of our art.

PINION & CROWN ensemble is aiming to take dance to a new level.  We aim to reach different audiences through a variety of platforms in several different ways: Live Performance, Short film and Photographic installation

After all, how can we call it “contemporary” if we don’t explore how dance can intersect with new media and technology that explores innovation and pushes the boundaries of old established techniques; taking risks. Without that, could we still call our work contemporary?

PINION & CROWN ensemble is inviting you to join us on our journey to discover: Trilogy Dance Art!